[Tutor] Lost in the control flow

Eduardo Vieira eduardo.susan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 21:39:50 CEST 2010

Hello, list! I'm trying to parse a text file. I'm getting confuse with
my strategy, and flags or how to use a sequence of ifs or elifs,
continue, etc. Anyhow, after several experiments this is close to what
I'd like to get, except, I can't find a way to include all the pin
numbers (12 number sequence):

Here is my code:

The example file is this:

Basically, as a initial step, I'd like to transform this:
17   600775301465      CAREYON SIGNS & GRAPHICS      EXP      5
 93.00       $0.00                              $ 26.77

                       RED DEER AB T4N1L2
                       FUEL SURCHARGE:            2.10

                              GST/HST:            1.44

     600775301465                                                      18.60

     600775301473                                                      18.60

     600775301481                                                      18.60

into this. View the code and file for details, please:
{'city': 'AB', 'company': 'CAREYON SIGNS & GRAPHICS', 'tracking':
['600775301465', '600775301473', '600775301481',  ], 'id': '17'}

The way the code is working now I only get this:
{'city': 'AB', 'company': 'CAREYON SIGNS & GRAPHICS', 'tracking':
['600775301465', '600775301465'], 'id': '17'}, and a only the ones
that have multiple pin numbers.

I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.


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