[Tutor] Question on tkinter event binding

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Hello Albert-Jan:
I am glad you made the comment below.  I was fascinated with the fact that your code was partly in English/Python and also in Dutch.  I am a linguist so have great interest in bilingualism.  How does this work in practice?  I mean as a programmer, with native language other than English, do you download or buy English language software programs and work with them as-is?  Do you have translated tutorials to help you learn?  If you had a Dutch language software program and created your own program so that everything is totally in Dutch, and you wanted to communicate with English language email group :)  How would you do that?  Or would you try and find a Dutch language resource?

Besides that, I am definitely saving your code segments for the future.  Thanks for sharing.

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  I'll paste the working code below. It's partially in Dutch, but hey, so is Guido van Rossem. ;-)

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