[Tutor] Question about the "main" Python help list

Joel Schwartz joel at joelschwartz.com
Sat Dec 4 08:19:27 CET 2010

I just went to sign up for the main Python help list and discovered that it
is a "closed" list, in the sense that the answers to queries are kept
private between the questioner and the helpers, rather than shared with
everyone on the list.

My question: Is there a general Python help list that is open for all to
see, in the same way that the Python Tutor list is open? Although the Tutor
list is great for getting started, it would also be very helpful to be able
to see answers to questions asked by Python programmers with more experience
and more sophisticated projects than those discussed on the Tutor list. 

I've been using the R programming language for a couple of years now and the
general R-help list is open for all to see and with searchable archives. It
is an    invaluable resource for learning advanced programming techniques
and sophisticated data analysis and management methods. Is there anything
similar for Python?


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