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Wed Dec 8 20:11:18 CET 2010


For the past week, I've been following an online Python guide named:
'Learn Python the Hard Way'. I'm very happy with it as it gives a lot of
freedom to explore. 

However, due to this I have no idea if I'm thinking the right way. That's 
why I've attached a script of mine I've been working on all day.

It works a 100%, but I'm afraid I've made very bad choices concerning
design and coding style. (If it could've been much simpler, if there are
glaring mistakes, poor methods, ..)

Could anyone be so friendly as to offer a bit of feedback, to a newbie?

PS: The script very simple accepts 2 arguments from the commandline.
	First arg being the number to which should be counted,
	second arg being the interval.

Thank you,
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