[Tutor] Calling Program within Program

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Thu Dec 9 19:18:11 CET 2010


I would like to know how to call a program from within a program and what
directory I should place one small program file in.  I am running Python
2.6.6 and Windows 7.

I have a directory called  C:\Users\StarShip\PyProgs and it has the files
BreakersCafe.txt and BreakersCafe.py.  This is my primary program running

I have a subdirectory called C:\Users\StarShip\PyProg \PicturesForTesting
and another subdirectory C:\Users\StarShip\PyProgs\CustomFunctions with
various program files, functions defined  in them, etc.  which I import in
my primary program.   For example:

 def Newbanner():
    print "\n                       Alternate Selections\n"

Now I have the small program below which is fully self-contained and I
want to execute it from within  BreakersCafe.txt. I would like to use
raw_input and if statement for simple yes/no asking if they would like to
see this BeveragesMenu.txt and have it as the last 3-4 lines of the

The only directory of these three that has __init__ is
and as you can see, the program below is not a function, it has no 'def'
anything.  I get 'NameError: global name 'BeveragesMenu' is not defined'
when I run this in IDLE.  I suppose I _could_ make this a function :} but
it is likely doable to call a program as a program, right?  I am also
compiling to a .pyw file where applicable.

Thanks for the help.


This is C:\Users\StarShip\PyProgs\BeveragesMenu.txt and BeveragesMenu.py. 
Program file for displaying an image using Tkinter built-in GUI functions.
 open root window, open file descriptor for image, open new window file
descriptor to manipulate with Tkinter Label library function.

Pic needs to be displayed as a banner. Uses the compound="top" argument to
do this.

-->  take out the pack()function didn't work, pack()is required

Uses   import Tkinter

Program using new breaker's jpg picture; bar choices are not selectable

import Tkinter
import ImageTk

rootwindow = Tkinter.Tk()

image_var = ImageTk.PhotoImage(fhdl)

whdl = Tkinter.Label(rootwindow, compound="top", image=image_var,
text="\n\n!!!WELCOME TO BREAKER'S BREAKFAST BAR!!!\n\n\nBeverage Choices: 
Sparkling Water;  Milk;  Orange Juice;  Apple Juice  *OR*\n\n  **From Our
Bar**    Smoothie;  Breakers Sun Tea;  Chai;  Cafe Mocha;  Latte; 


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