[Tutor] Trying to parse a HUGE(1gb) xml file in python

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Tue Dec 21 15:02:58 CET 2010

Stefan Behnel wrote:
> David Hutto, 21.12.2010 10:29:
>> File = string
>> going through string code
>> finding pieces of the string and marking the territory.
>> I don't see 'real' optimization other than rolling your own.
> Reads like a Haiku. Doesn't quite fit the verse, though.
>  From your behaviour, I get the impression that you are just trolling.

Consider David's email address and mail sig:

smokefloat at gmail.com
"They're installing the breathalyzer on my email account next week."

I don't think he's trolling so much as floating around the ceiling :)


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