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Alright, I'll begin by saying that you shouldn't use a list for cards , and a
separate one for players. Instead, you should use dictionaries. For example -

players = { 1: "John", 2:"Phil",..,n:"Ed"}

Or, using your method -

for x in random.sample(xrange(low,high),n):

players[x] = random.sample(list_of_names, len(list_of_names))

When I get back from holiday, I'll go through your code more thoroughly and
give you a pointer in the right direction.


>> Really big snip.




Thanks for your prompt reply which generates its own unique question. You are
saying I should have some concern for the players. But I don't care about the
people playing. I care about the cards in play and the card that reaches
Bingo. I care about the winner only to the extent I want to know how many
numbers have been pulled from the cage for him/her to achieve Bingo. Other
than that, I don't care so please elaborate why I care about the players;
Besides I really cannot see why I should generate  names(n) when card(n) will
do just as nicely; I think.


Thanks again,






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