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Thu Feb 4 23:22:00 CET 2010

"ssiverling" <ssiverling at gmail.com> wrote

> So I want to learn assembly.  However, it can take a experienced C
> programmer a year to learn assembly.

Dunno where you got that from.
An experienced C programmer should pick up assembler in a few days.
C is just "portable assembler" It is almost a textual replacement for 
All the different addressing modes of assembler - which confuse higher 
language programmers - are all directly translateable into C pointers etc.
(Note, I'm talking about pure C, not C++, which is a very different 

> thing I was reading is that alot of the tutorials assume prior 
> programming

Thats true of Python too, but there are a few asembler tutorials that still
assume zero programming. Unfortunately they do all need you to understand
the basics of how a computer is put together - arithmetic unit, memory,
registers, IO ports etc Assembler is inextricably tied to the machine.

One brilliant book if you can get it (via a library?) is "The Soul of CP/M"
Obviously way out of datae since its based on CP/M but the writing style
is brilliant and it teaches real world assembler - withh use of BIOS 
to read the keyboard etc and builds a usabletext editor by the end.

Some of the very early Peter Norton books are good too, aimed at DOS
and the original IBM PC.


Alan Gauld
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