[Tutor] python function to know the path of the program in execution

nikunj badjatya nikunjbadjatya at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 11:08:57 CET 2010

Hi ,
Is there any python function to know the path of the python program under
If someone executes a program , he should come to know the path of the
ex. suppose a user ABC is running prog.py which is in ~ directory, the user
currently is in XYZ directory.
[ ABC at localhost XYZ ]$ python ~/prog.py
The program's location is ~/prog.py

This should be the outcome of the program.

I tried with os.getcwd()
os.getcwd() will return /path/to/folder/XYZ.

Any suggestions?

Nikunj Badjatya
Bangalore, India
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