[Tutor] how to graph percentile -- matplotlib, Inkscape, or what?

David ldl08 at gmx.net
Sat Feb 6 08:55:26 CET 2010

Dear List,

given a list of scores (n = 20, say) a group students received in an 
exam, I can use

sarray = [list of scores]
score = student's score
scipy.stats.percentileofscore(sarray, score, kind='mean')

to calculate the percentile for a given student. What I would like to do 
is to create a graph in which on the horizontal axis the student's 
precentile (i.e. performance vis-a-vis her classmates) is indicated by 
means of a needle stuck into the axis:

			   O (63%)	
|				          |
0					 100

I suspect that I cannot plot this with matplotlib, and my next best 
guess would be Inkscape, with which I have no scripting experience 

Is Inkscape the way forward for this little project? What are my 

Thanks for your ideas!


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