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Hope you will be fine and good.

Following is a snippet of python code i am using for a regression testing.

def StartProc(dir, parm):

    global proc

    proc_log = open(dir + os.sep + "MyLog.txt","w")  #new path for each file

    if parm:
        proc = subprocess.Popen(path, 0, None, subprocess.PIPE, proc_log, None)

        MyReset(proc)                     #reset the process(proc) to
its default values

        proc.stdout = proc_log            #no effect
        print "fptr ", proc.stdout


prm = True

for i in range(0, 5):

    StartProc(i, prm)
    prm = False


What I want to do is to start an executable only once, but on each iteration
I want to redirect the process output to a different file. What is
happening, is that files are created in the different path, but output is
redirected to the file that is created first time.

Note: MyReset() initializes the process (executable) to its default values
after the first iteration.

Will the following line change the process stdout to new file?
proc.stdout = proc_log

If no, than can you kindly guide me to the right way

Note: In the StartProc() if i create a new process everytime
**StartProc**() is called. Output is correctly redirected to proper file.*

Waiting for you kind reply.

Warm Regards,
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