[Tutor] how to graph percentile -- matplotlib, Inkscape, or what?

David ldl08 at gmx.net
Sun Feb 7 18:34:20 CET 2010

Yes, you are right, I initially certainly didn't think of it as a function.
Right now I am wondering if it would not be more straight forward to 
take for the 'axis' a bitmap background and place the needle (another 
bitmap) at the right position of the background. Come to think of it, 
PyX might be a good choice for this sort of thing. But again, I have not 
practical experience with that tool.


On 07/02/10 02:29, Alan Gauld wrote:
> "David" <ldl08 at gmx.net> wrote in message news:4B6D37E4.9050606 at gmx.net...
>> matplotlib. I guess the reason why I discarded it before is that I
>> understood matplotlib to be a curve plotting tool, and not so much a
>> tool to draw graphics. I will investigate!
> It is but a single point on a an axis is a pretty basic curve!
> But as I say, I've never used it, I just assumed this should be verging
> on the trivial for it.
> Alan G.
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