[Tutor] SYS Long File Names?

Dave Angel davea at ieee.org
Mon Feb 8 01:09:21 CET 2010

FT wrote:
> Hi!
>     I was looking at the sys.argv(1) file name and it is the short 8 char
> name. How do you place it into the long file name format? I was reading
> music files and comparing the name to the directory listing and always comes
> back as not found because the name was shortened.
>     So, how do you get it to read long file names?
>         Bruce
You need square brackets, not parentheses on the sys.argv.  But I'm 
guessing that's a typo in your message.

Some more information, please.  What version of Python, and what OS ?  
And how are you running this script?  If you're typing the script name 
at a DOS box, then the string you're seeing in sys.argv[1] is the one 
you typed on the command line.

If you start it some other way, please tell us how.


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