[Tutor] Compile py to exe in ubuntu

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 11 09:34:19 CET 2010

"Harya Dananjaya" <dananzoff at gmail.com> wrote 

>> Do you mean a windows executable? Not really. Why do you want an .exe 
>> anyway? Python code is (usually) cross-platform.
> Yupe, python is cross platform, but we need install python in every 
> computer we want to using the pyththon *.py .

What would you do with Java? It too is cross platform but 
requires a JVM to be installed on every platform. Python is similar.

The "compilers" actually bundle up the python interpreter with 
the script to create a large executable single file. But if 
you already have Python, or if you load several of these 
"exe"s it becomes very inefficient way to storing 
programs - multiple versions of Python.

There can be cases where it makes sense but there are more 
cases where it malkes more sense to just install Python. IMHO

Alan Gauld
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