[Tutor] Tutor list as pair progamming plush toy

Mac Ryan quasipedia at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 16:33:04 CET 2010

Have you ever got that piece of advice about - when you have stuck on a
bug you seem unable to track - getting a plush toy to whom you explain
your code? (This is of course a workaround if you do not have a fellow
developer to help you out).

Well... I found out this advice kind of works for me, with the notable
difference that my plush toy is this mailing list. It works so
wonderfully that indeed is several months I do not post any message:
whenever I get stuck, I begin to write a message to the list, and in the
process of explaining what is the intended behaviour and outcome of my
code, I systematically find the bug by myself.

I know - this is slightly OT for the list - but I thought to share as
maybe this is a "hidden benefit" the list is bringing to a few people
without the tutors even knowing it.

Does anybody else experience the same?

Cheers, :)

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