[Tutor] Functions returning multiple values

Giorgio anothernetfellow at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 17:00:32 CET 2010


do you know if there is a way so that i can get multiple values from a

For example:

def count(a,b):
 c = a + b
 d = a - b

How can I return the value of C and D?

Then, i have another question: i've read, some time ago, this guide
http://hetland.org/writing/instant-python.html, skipping the object-related
part. Now i've started reading it, and have found something strange: just go
where it says "Of course, now you know there is a better way. And why don’t
we give it the default value of [] in the first place? Because of the way
Python works, this would give all the Baskets the same empty list as default
contents.". Can you please help me understanding this part?



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