[Tutor] What Editori?

Giorgio anothernetfellow at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 17:46:24 CET 2010

Definitely i just use pyscripter because it has the py idle integrated in
the window.

It's very useful!

2010/2/23 Steve Willoughby <steve at alchemy.com>

> On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 05:24:13PM +0100, Giorgio wrote:
> > what text-editor do you use for python?
> While the can of worms that particular question tends to
> open is always an issue (for some reason people get very
> emotionally passionate about why their editor is the best)
> I'm not sure you're going to get much of a useful answer
> beyond a few suggestions to try, since this is such a
> personal choice and depends so much on how you want to
> work.
> Personally, I find vim (on all platforms) to work well
> for me.  I'm giving Eclipse+pydev a try to see how I like
> that.
> > Do you think it's a good editor? Do you know other names?
> Whether any particular editor is "good" as long as it does
> the minimum amount necessary for programming, is entirely
> subjective.  Try a few and see how they work for you.
> Actually, I suppose even ed and TECO qualify for some work
> models ;)
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