[Tutor] Searchlight/MVPA/ValueError

Eike Welk eike.welk at gmx.net
Tue Feb 23 18:57:23 CET 2010

Hey J!

On Monday February 22 2010 22:48:11 J wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to run a very simple searchlight on fMRI data via PyLab (on Mac
> Leopard).
> My code is as follows:
> from mvpa.suite import *
> import os
> from matplotlib.pyplot import figure, show
> from mvpa.misc.io.base import SampleAttributes
> from mvpa.datasets.nifti import NiftiDataset

> -------
> Your input would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks a lot,
> J

I think you are using a special library for processing tomographic images of 
brains. This one, right?

Probably no one else on this list is using it, unfortunately. However there is 
a special mailing list for this software:


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