[Tutor] What Editori?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 24 23:32:51 CET 2010

"Giorgio" <anothernetfellow at gmail.com> wrote

> And, what about more powerful editors? I mean editors with features like
> SVN/GIT management and  so on.

THose aren't really editor features but IDE features. But thats probably 
splityting hairs.
But emacs does that too and truly is a powerful editor. Certainly more so 
the standard editor in many of the modern IDEs

> I use Netbeans, but also know Eclipse/Aptana.

I liked Netbeans but Eclipse has become the de-facto IDE at work so I now 
use that.
Its OK, but not outstanding. I like all the plugins etc but as an editor it 
is nothing
special. As an IDE its pretty neat.

Alan G.

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