[Tutor] Verifying My Troublesome Linkage Claim between Python andWin7

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 28 04:29:07 CET 2010

(Apparently, I did not send this about 6 hours ago. Anyway, here it is.)

Let's start from the response I just made to Dave Angel minutes ago, or, 
at least very recently. I think I wrote a  bit more accurately about 
matters. We'll continue as appropriate from that point.

Let me answer some of your questions about the environment from below. 
I've dropped out of IDLE at times to see that made a difference.

Windows 7. IDLE. Command Prompt window for verification. I'm pretty sure 
I did that once, but will verify it again. Got the same results. Oh, I 
also changed the name of folder1 in the reply to Dave to see what would 
happen  with the "copied" py file in folder2 upon execution. It couldn't 
find the py file in folder1.

Other questions about the environment?

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