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Well, not a lot of luck.  What I use is Yahoo mail (whatever that is---a "thick" client??), and thus far I can't find any tool bars that offer help.

An odd aside, however--I went into the Tutor Archives forum and pulled up the Page Source (HTML formatting template) and lo and behold all my paragraphs were correctly formatted (i.e. page-wrapped just as they had been when they left my mail notepad) and displayed correctly--on the source page.  So,who knows...(?)

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> I'm using Mandrake 10.1 [Linux] OS to view the internet thru Firefox.  
> In my mailbox, everything is fine--my stuff formats well (and when it 
> comes back to me as Tutor 'mail' it also formats correctly).
> The problem is over at the Tutor Archives (mail.python.org/pipermail/tutor), 
> i.e., the Tutor forum site.  That's where whatever I composed formats 
> out with no line wrap, and a paragraph becomes a single line, 

Yes I see that. I don't use that archive I normally use gmane...

However that is probably down to whatever mail program you are 
using to post with. Is it a web client or a full blown thick client mail 
tool like Thunderbird?

Whichever, it probably has an option to automatically wrap sent text
and I suspect you have that turned off. A good value is usually 
around 70 or 80 chars.

FWIW I have the opposite problem using gmail, it consistently wraps 
my text prematurely leaving my paragraphs badly formatted. And I 
can't find where to change the setting!


Alan G.


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