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Well, Ok then, I have switched to plain text to transmit this response.  I will follow it over to the archive forum to see how the difference works.

In the meantime...this back-and-forth dialog has at least made me aware of gmane, a website I had not been aware of.  Interesting place.  I was over there, looking around, and trying to figure it out.  Found some of this correspondence "set" there, pretty much in isolation.

It's a quirky place that I'm trying to figure out.  Only a few of the most current items seem to be available (unlike the Tutor Archive forum, where an entire month's submittals are all lined up and available for sequential reading).  Does one need to "sign up" in someway or another to make the entire site available?

Thanks for your help and input with all of this.
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"Lowell Tackett" <lowelltackett at yahoo.com> wrote

> Well, not a lot of luck. What I use is Yahoo mail (whatever that is---a "thick" client??),
> and thus far I can't find any tool bars that offer help.

A thick client is an application that runs on your desktop with built in intelligence.
A thin client is a GUI within a browser that has all the intelligence on a
server - typically a web app.

Yahoo is a thin client. As it happens I use it too.

You should find at the end of the subject line on outgoing messages
an option to switch to plain text. Select that and you should find your
line breaks are recognised. (HTML does not recognise your line
breaks and tries to leave formatting to the browser. The archive
page obviously gets confused by this! But using HTML to a mailing
list causes other problems too so its best to send as plain text)


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