[Tutor] samples on sort method of sequence object.

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Very concise == neat solutions. Yummy. ;-) Thanks for your replies!


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2010/1/13 Albert-Jan Roskam <fomcl at yahoo.com>
> Interesting. Can this also be used to make sorting of alphanumerical list items in a 'numerical' way easier?
> >>> x
> ['var_0', 'var_13', 'var_11', 'var_9', 'var_4', 'var_1', 'var_5', 'var_6', 'var_7', 'var_14', 'var_2', 'var_3', 'var_8', 'var_10', 'var_12']

>>> x
['var_0', 'var_13', 'var_11', 'var_9', 'var_4', 'var_1', 'var_5',
'var_6', 'var_7', 'var_14', 'var_2', 'var_3', 'var_8', 'var_10',
>>> sorted(x, key=lamda x: int(x.strip('var_')))
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
>>> sorted(x, key=lambda x: int(x.strip('var_')))
['var_0', 'var_1', 'var_2', 'var_3', 'var_4', 'var_5', 'var_6',
'var_7', 'var_8', 'var_9', 'var_10', 'var_11', 'var_12', 'var_13',


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