[Tutor] length of a string? Advice saught

Kirk Z Bailey kbailey at howlermonkey.net
Wed Jan 27 23:25:54 CET 2010

I wrote a program to let me edit web-pages without bothering with 
ftp; it loads up a simple form with the page guts in it, and 
saves it through another script. Until yesterday, EditMyPage 
worked fine. Alas, I had a rather long winded page and it 
truncated it- completely omitted the last 1/4 of the original 
file, creating big problems. Looking everything over, I can only 
conclude that somehow python 2.23 (ok, it's an old server; shoot 
me, I'm poor) has a limit on a simple string variable. Can I 
declare the variable as a long winded version and save the 
trouble, or do AI need a witchdoctor here?


Very Truly yours,
                  - Kirk Bailey,
                    Largo Florida

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