[Tutor] can any one help

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Sun Jan 31 22:27:26 CET 2010

thanks for the reply
i did one question
i will tel u my progress in another question n then u tel me that what next must be done

Write a small Python program that generates the list of all pairs of characters c and
its doubling 2  c, where c moves through all the letters of the string "foobar" and prints it out.
The result will look like:
[(’f’, ’ff’), (’o’, ’oo’), (’o’, ’oo’), (’b’, ’bb’), (’a’, ’aa’), (’r’, ’rr’)]

thatz the question
i think that first i woulf take a string 'foobar'
convert it into a list
take itz length
n then do indexing
and then multiply using for loop

herez my code

print b


thatz where i am
now i wana do the indexing of each character so that i use for loop n multply each character with 2

waiting for ur reply

> Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2010 11:01:19 -0500
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> > 1 1.1 Write a Python program with a loop that prints out a sequence
> > of numbers as follows:15 13 11...3 1 -1
> Hint 1: Learn about FOR loops.
> Hint 2: Learn about the RANGE command.
> Hint 3: Show us some code you have written. Even if yours doesn't
> work, we can probably spot WHY it doesn't work.
> Alan
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