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Chris C. filtera at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 20:40:49 CEST 2010


I'm not a programmer, but I have been exposed to some programming basics.
I've written small parts of console-based C++ programs in an OOP class I
took last year (but nothing outside of the classroom setting), and on my own
I've written some semi-simple multi-form multi-report databases in Access,
including the event-based VBA behind the scenes in those dbs.


I'm writing this question because I want, for my own satisfaction, to
rewrite one of my Access dbs (one that does our finances) into a stand-alone
Python database program using SQLite.  I know I'll be learning as I go, but
that'll work, I'm not in a big hurry and I'll work on it in my spare time.
Right now I'm trying to get organized and get a game plan, and that's where
I need help.  


I need to ask experienced people to help me make decisions on what tools I
should use.  As I said, I'm pretty set on Python and Sqlite.  I believe I
want to use an ORM so I'm thinking I'll use SQL Alchemy (it seems to be the
biggy out there, and I'm sure I will need lots of documentation, and forum
help too).  I've read that Eclipse with PyDev is a good IDE, so I thought
I'd use them.  I've also read that wxGlade will help me easily design a gui
(drag and drop style), and that it will generate the code for my UI so that
I just have to bind to it with my business logic code.  How should I do my
reports?  I like Access's report style (since they are formatted already for
printing), but I'm open to other styles too.  


Am I understanding what these things are and what they do?  If not, can you
help me understand how all these pieces fit together and what function they
each have toward writing my program?

What else will I need?

What products (free ones please) can you recommend for me to use?


(Ease of learning and speed to a finished program are what I'm mainly
looking for.  I'm really only looking to learn the skills I need for this
particular project, and not to gain a broad development skill set.  My
professional field is not computer related and this project only for my
personal satisfaction.)


Sorry this message was so long.  Thanks one and all for your help!

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