[Tutor] Help with choices for new database program

Jeff Johnson jeff at san-dc.com
Sat Jul 3 03:27:53 CEST 2010

On 07/02/2010 06:14 PM, David Hutto wrote:
> Stick to the main python libraries(python with sqllite, and for the
> standalone exe know it's somewhere, and I've seen it in the past few
> days, but didn't pay attention because it wasn't important to what I
> was doing at the time) going anywhere else is the beginning of an ADHD
> nightmare. It's like being a hypochondriac with an unlimited
> healthcare plan, you'll want to see any option except for the obvious
> in front of you.
> Try not to get distracted by the shiny things unless necessary.
I'm not sure how this helps with Chris's application.  I will agree that 
the number of choices is daunting!  The nice thing about Dabo is the 
group is focused on database applications.  Kind of like Django is 
focused on web devopment.

I mean this in a joking way:  If you find that Python and open source 
creates too many decisions then you can consider Microsoft .NET and 
Microsoft SQL Server on Windows 7.

I am a recovering Microsoft developer of over 20 years.  ;^)

BTW learning Python is awesome!




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