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On 7/2/2010 9:44 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> On 07/02/2010 08:19 PM, bob gailer wrote:
>> On 7/2/2010 5:56 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>> Visual FoxPro ... is very similar to Access
>> I differ. Access and FoxPro are very different. Yes they both use 
>> tables, relationships, indexes and SQL. Yes they both have visual 
>> designers for forms and reports. Yes they both are programmable.
>> But the differences are much more dramatic than the commonalities. I 
>> have developed in both. I find it painful to work in one while 
>> desiring a feature that exists only in the other.
> Dare you say which?   ;^)

- more complete and easy-to-use object orientation
   - classes don't need to be in separate modules
   - classes and controls can be subclassed
   - controls can be encapsulated in container classes
   - classes have constructor methods - so possible to pass parameters
- forms do not contain any "magic" events
- method editor is a simple text editor
   - no "magic" events
   - no separate application window for programming
- each table, database container, program, index is a separate file
- there is a command window and lots of interactively useful commands
   - I like being able to run SQL and data manipulation statements directly.
- error handling is much better
- there are no misleading or confusing error messages that result from 
compilation problems
- SQL is integrated into the language
- nice set of workarea commands (scan, replace, ....)
- writing programs in FoxPro much easier than in VBA
- no need to separate application from data (that is automatic).
- no confusion about when to use . vs !

- query and report designers are much much better
   - the VFP report designer is incredibly limited and hard to work with 
by comparison.
- debugger does not require separate window
- subforms
- recordset controls on forms
- table designer has more features
- there is no database container or need for one.
- relationships are integrated - visually created and available in query 

That is not an exhaustive list - and it is my opinion. I'd rather not 
get into any religious arguments - but I'd be glad to clarify.

Bob Gailer
Chapel Hill NC

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