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On 6 July 2010 18:09, Payal <payal-python at scriptkitchen.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Some background before the actual query.
> A friend of mine, an electronics engineer has a
> small co. He had a computer engg. with him who used to design GUI
> front-ends
> for his products in Visual Basic. These apps used to take data from
> serial port, store it on disk put and show it in excel also plot graphs.
> Now the engg has left. So my friend has asked me to help him out till
> he finds a replacement. I don't know a word of electronics and know Python
> to
> extend of understanding almost 90% of "Learning Python" and 70-75% of
> "Core Python programming" books.
> Now my real query, do you think it is possible for me to try my hand at
> gui programming?

Of course you can, it depends on how complex the GUI has to be on how far
you'll get most likely.

> There seems to be many ways to do gui programming in
> Python namely wxpython, tkinter, gtk, qt etc. Which is the easiest and
> nice looking one and works on both windows and Linux?

Any of those toolkits are available on windows and linux, as to the nicest
looking, that's up to you and your friend to decide. wxPython does a good
job of blending in with other applications on the same system though.
Tkinter comes with python which may swing it for you.

> The interfaces
> will be used by other electronics enggs. so they do not expect real
> swell gui, but it should be bearable and more importantly easy for me to
> learn, cos' I have a day time job and I am doing this just as a help and
> eagerness to learn.
> Looking  for advice.
Once you've picked your toolkit you'll probably want to get on the relevant
mailing list to get some help.
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