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If you decide to run with wxPython there is a pretty handy video series you
could watch:



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> "Payal" <payal-python at scriptkitchen.com> wrote
>  gui programming? There seems to be many ways to do gui programming in
>> Python namely wxpython, tkinter, gtk, qt etc. Which is the easiest
> There are many toolkits but these have as many similarities as differences.
> But none of them will be easy to learn if you have not done GUI work
> before because GUI programming is a whole new style and that's what
> takes the time. Once you learn one framework picking up another is
> not that hard - just a lot of new API names to learn!
>  nice looking one and works on both windows and Linux?
> Nowadays they are all acceptable looking but wxPython would
> be my recommendation, mainly for its support for printing, which
> sounds easy but in Guis is surprisingly difficult. wxPython makes
> it about as easy as it can be.
> Don't underestimate the learning curve and use the toolset as much
> as possible, also look at things like plotting libraries if you need to
> display graphs etc.
> You can compare very simple GUIs in Tkinter and wxPython
> in the GUI topic of my tutor, and a slightly more complex
> GUI in the Case Study topic.
> HTH,
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