[Tutor] newbie to gui programming

Nick Raptis airscorp at otenet.gr
Thu Jul 8 14:20:36 CEST 2010

Thanks a lot for the mails all of you.
> Someone commented that wxpython occassionally shows it C/C++ roots. Will
> that haunt me cos' I have zero knowledge of C/C++.
That would be me, sorry about that, didn't mean to confuse you further. 
Well, think it this way, if you have zero knowledge of C, you won't even 

> What about py-gtk? Is it more pythonic to learn and hence easy?
Not really, every library shows it's roots every now and then.
> Or can I start with tkinter (and maybe remain with it), if it is easy to
> learn? (I liked fetchmailconf and I think it was done in tkinter).
It comes bundled with python, is easy for easy tasks but 'might' be a 
burden as you scale up your projects. Why not?
> I get discouraged a bit fast, so I want the first toolset to be as easy
> as possible.
> With warm regards,
> -Payal

Well I can relate to that. Was not so long ago when all choice seemed 
overwhelming and I thought that I better learn the best language/library 
from the start or I'll be wasting time.
Truth is, it doesn't really matter this much. Start with one, anyone and 
for whatever reason (eg, you found a book for it) and go for it for a 
week. If it doesn't work for you, you'll know by then, and not a lot of 
energy got wasted.
GUI programming is hard cause there a lot of new concepts to learn. 
Learning those concepts so you can apply them to any library should be 
your goal.

Anyway, my personal story is that after trying wxPython with a book a 
bit I decided that GUI programming was not my thing at all, and started 
writing games with pygame. Many similar concepts, twice the fun. Now I'm 
doing web work.

Give it time, trust your gut and don't panic, you'll end up right where 
you want :)

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