[Tutor] Function returns 'None'

Luke Paireepinart rabidpoobear at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 18:24:56 CEST 2010

On Jul 11, 2010, at 11:14 AM, Nick Raptis <airscorp at otenet.gr> wrote:

> Also, another preference of mine, would you be kind enough to answer to the list and cc the original poster if you can? Doing it the other way around breaks my (quite stupid I admit) filters, and perhaps others' too.
That's the default email setup for the iPhone. I agree it's silly but it seems quite difficult to modify the fields. I see your point about the variable names but if it's at least fairly obvious what you're intending to do it seems like a bit of a waste to have an extra variable and else block. But you know, potato potato. It's negligible from a performance standpoint, it's really just a question of readability. Do what makes you ( and the people who will read your code) happy.

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