[Tutor] while loops causing python.exe to crash on windows

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>> Why would that code cause Windows to consider the process "not
>> responding", and how can I fix this so I can have a sort of "listener"
>> in place, awaiting a change in the "grid.turnOver" variable inside
>> Player.takeTurn() so that the main while loop can switch to the other
>> player once the one player's turn is over? I thought while loops would
>> do it, but Windows sees them as making python.exe unresponsive.
> Would you buy me a crystal ball to foresee what you're talking about?
I am not sure how else to explain it. I want to loop until the value
of a variable changes, but while that loop is taking place, the user
should be able to perform actions set up in a wx.AcceleratorTable.
Looping, though, causes Windows to tell me that python.exe is not
responding, so I have to close the entire thing. I guess I am looking
for a "listener", which will sit in the background and only perform an
action when it detects a certain thing. In this case, a listener to
watch for a variable to turn from False to True, then to act when it
sees that change.
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