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~After doing a google search, I could not find any good solid anwsers. So I will apologize ahead of time since this is not really a Python specific question. However...

~I was wondering if I should try to learn 2 programming languages at once, Python and C++. Obviously I am working on learning python right now, I have gotten up to Classes(I am studying from Learning Python 3rd and 4th editions from Mark Lutz on Safari online books), and feel like I have a pretty good idea of everything before classes. Yea there are still a lot of things I am not really fully comprehending, but like I said I have a pretty good idea. 

~Perhaps it is also worth nothing Python is pretty much my first real Programming Language. Yea I took an intro to comp sci class(like 2 years ago) and a computer programming logic class(also like 2 years ago) both using pseudocode and have since dabbled in C(I started a programming class for school but dropped out twice after about 1/3 of  the semester, for two consecutive semesters about 9 months ago) So here I am, a computer engineering major failure who had to change my major to Physics so I wouldn't have to take all those dammed comp sci classes Figured I could just teach myself. I mention this because I want to make clear I have the logic and critical thinking skills down, and in my opinion the aptitude as well. 

~So is it better to learn 1 programming language first, then learn another. Or better to pretty much learn them at the same time? And why? 

++Thank you so much if you have actually taken the time to read this. =) P.S. Julius Hernandez

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