[Tutor] re.sub() query

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 20 12:20:14 CEST 2010

On 20/06/2010 10:54, Payal wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to solve the below, w/o making a re object?
>>>> a
> 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'
>>>> p=re.compile('l',re.I)
>>>> re.sub(p,'-',a)
> 'Mary Had a -itt-e -amb'
> I cannot figure how to se re.I w/o involving  p.
> Thanks.
> With warm regards,
> -Payal

You can do this.

 >>> re.sub('[lL]','-',a)
'Mary Had a -itt-e -amb'

However it strikes me as overkill to use an re for something that could 
be done with the string replace function.

Kindest regards.

Mark Lawrence.

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