[Tutor] OT: need computer advice from wise Tutors

Shashwat Anand anand.shashwat at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 09:27:27 CEST 2010

I am not a window user myself but all my friends who upgraded are quite
happy about it. AFAIK Vista was a failure but 7 is good, so it is worth

On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 12:30 PM, Richard D. Moores <rdmoores at gmail.com>wrote:

> Sorry about the OT, but I'm really nervous about the possibility of
> screwing up my laptop by upgrading the OS from Vista to 7, and can't
> think of a better place than Tutors to ask for advice.
> I bought this Toshiba Satellite last October. It came with the right
> to receive the upgrade CD for Windows 7 when it became available. I
> think I finally got the disk in February, but by that time I'd gotten
> used to Vista, and Vista was then, as now, in SP2 (64-bit). By that
> time a generally computer-savvy friend (but who runs linux) was
> telling me to not do the upgrade because I'd end up with problems with
> 7 and also with a lot of the software I had already installed.
> Then recently I've talked to a couple of guys (separately) in 2 Office
> Depots near Seattle who both told me that the Vista -> 7 upgrade
> should go without any trouble at all. That I should do the upgrade,
> then immediately download and install all the updates for 7 that MS
> has issued. Both used used to do such upgrades for customers for a fee
> ($40), but not anymore. So they didn't have anything to sell me -- I
> think they were being honest about their experience.
> Has anyone here done the upgrade I'm considering, or know of anyone
> who has? Any advice or anecdotes for me?
> Thanks,
> Dick Moores
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