[Tutor] OT: need computer advice from wise Tutors

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 27 16:41:12 CEST 2010

"Marc Tompkins" <marc.tompkins at gmail.com> wrote

> having no default email client (what sort of two-bit operating 
> system
>> doesn't have an email client in 2010?);
> Jesus, you _miss_ Outlook Express?  Seriously:  the new default is 
> webmail.
> Like it, don't like it, but it's really not as if you can't get your 
> mail.

I will miss OE. I actually quite like it, its simple but has all the 
I need for both email and newrgroups. I tried thunderbird and use it
on my Linux box but on windows I usually revert to OE.

And its lots better than webmail which is only useful for occasional
browsing. But I get around 200 plus emails a day (and sometimes the
same again in news messages) and trying to manage that on webmail
is a nightmare - and you can't read it while offline. I really need an
offline mail client.

> Just like XP and Vista, you're asked during installation whether you 
> want to
> allow or disallow automatic updates.  If you breeze past that 
> question, then
> - just like in XP and Vista - you can right-click on the little icon 
> that
> appears in your system tray (oops, I mean "notification area.")

OOh. I've never noticed the icon - what does it look like? I didn't
do the install so had no say in the decision for work, but for my
home PC I'd much rather decide if/when I do "upgrades" - I've had
too mamy Windows upgrades kill my PC to the point of needing

> To paraphrase, "what sort of two-bit ISP doesn't have a webmail site 
> in
> 2010?"

But webmail is no good if you've used up your bandwidth.
A background client might just have received the warning
before the quota went bang...

> - Better wireless networking.  Coming out of sleep or hibernation, 
> it used
> to take up to a minute and a half to connect to a known wireless 
> network

I'll need to check that - I've just gotten used to going for a coffee 
when I
boot up - it usually takes me around 5 minutes for everything to get
started so I've never noticed the WiFi changes.

> - Seriously improved multi-monitor support.  I've loved using dual 
> monitors

I only user this when doing powerpoint presentations but I'll need
to take a closer look.

Thanks for sharing your comments, even if this thread is seriously
off topic!

Alan G. 

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