[Tutor] Suggestions for output on multiple platforms

Kushal Kumaran kushal.kumaran+python at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 16:00:19 CEST 2010

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 5:56 PM, Thomas C. Hicks <paradox at pobox.com> wrote:
> I am a beginner at all this and never expected to reach a point where
> people other than myself may have to have access to the output of one
> of my programs.  My problem is this - I have written a program that
> uses xlrd to read a series of xls files and collate and summarize the
> data.  My original plan was to then write out that data into another
> xlwt spreadsheet that could be updated on a regular basis.  I was
> thinking of adding a page per month as the data is updated regularly.
> The problem is that xlwt doesn't allow for very convenient addition of
> data to a spreadsheet - basically it has to re-create the whole
> spreadsheet each time.
> So now I am looking for suggestions of how I can output my data
> analysis.  I am running Linux but the data needs to be able to be seen
> by users of OSX and Windows.  I have been reading about GTK and figure
> I could output the analysis using that but am not sure it will be
> readable under Mac and Windows.  Any ideas are welcome!

Does it have to be a spreadsheet?  Will csv files do as well?  They
are opened transparently in spreadsheet programs.  And adding to csv
files should be no difficulty as well.

BTW, if you're thinking of adding a new sheet to an excel file every
month, you should know that there's a limit to the number of sheets
you can put in an excel workbook.


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