[Tutor] Any Tutor there ? Removing redundant parameters in a models file having include files.

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Tue Mar 2 01:25:44 CET 2010

> > Why people use proprietary python ?

Well, AFAIK I know, all more or less popular non-Ansi-C implementations of 
Python are free. (Jython is, IronPython too, although I've never checked in 
detail, stackless is, PyPy is too, ...)
> > It's better to spent energy to participate with the core developers to
> > make the common langage evoluate.
> But sometimes you want to go beyond the language, to explore ideas and
> concepts that underlie everything we do in every language. Languages like
>  Lisp and Python make that possible, if not exactly easy!

Actually, having multiple implementations of the language is a huge benefit, 
because that means that we have a language definition apart from the 
implementation. C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby do have alternate implementations. 
Perl, VB, ... do not.

Beside the slightly abstract benefit of splitting definition and 
implementation (which e.g. allows for new and better implementations), most of 
the alternate implementations have, as Alan already pointed out, it's own 

Jython means that my Python skills carry over into a Java environment.
IronPython means the same for .NET, stackless allows for extreme designs 
without becoming Twisted, Pyrex/Cython (although not Python, but a Python 
look-alike) allows me to interface with C and more important to write code 
that manipulates C data types at the same speed that C does, without the pain 
of all the Python runtime mixing.

Furthermore I do not think that most of the "core" community has a problem 
with the alternate implementations, as they provide very useful functions (it 
helps on the architecture side, because it limits somewhat what can be done, 
it helps on the personal side, because it increases the value of Python 
skills, ...), ...


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