[Tutor] Encoding

Giorgio anothernetfellow at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 14:09:03 CET 2010

>>  byte_string = unicode_string.encode('utf-8')
> If you use unicode strings throughout your application, you will be happy
> with the above. Note that this is an advice, not a condition.

Mmm ok. So all strings in the app are unicode by default?

Do you know if there is a function/method i can use to check encoding of a

> "default encodings" are bad, don't rely on them.

No, ok, it was just to understand what i'm working with.

Patrick, ok. I should check if it's possible to save unicode strings in the

Do you think i'd better set my db to utf8? I don't need latin1, it's just
the default value.



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