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2010/3/4 spir <denis.spir at gmail.com>

> How do you know your win XP terminal is configured to deal with text using
> utf8? Why do you think it should?

I think there is an option in IDLE configuration to set this. So, if my
entire system is not utf8 i can't use the IDLE for this test?

> This trial uses the default format of your system. It does the same as
>   a = "giorgio è giorgio".encode(default_format)
> It's a shorcut for ustring *literals* (constants), directly expressed by
> the programmer. In source code, it would use the format specified on top of
> the file.

> This trial uses ascii because you give no format (yes, it can be seen as a
> flaw). It does the same as
>   a = "giorgio è giorgio".encode("ascii")

Ok,so you confirm that:

s = u"ciao è ciao" will use the file specified encoding, and that

t = "ciao è ciao"
t = unicode(t)

Will use, if not specified in the function, ASCII. It will ignore the
encoding I specified on the top of the file. right?

Again, thankyou. I'm loving python and his community.


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