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as you all probably know i'm using the Google App Engine platform for my
python code.

As I learn python i try to understand more and more how GAE works. Today
i've noticed that all applications on GAE are running on WSGI. A quick
Google search told me that WSGI is a new standard for web applications,
developed by python.

So, I decided to try it. With Apache.

I found that Apache has a dedicated mod, mod_wsgi to handle this type of
requests. But, as I always try to be "platform/daemon indipended" i've
looked for other solutions. I found WSGIREF that as wsgi.org states
"includes a threaded HTTP server, a CGI server (for running any WSGI
application as a CGI script)".

So it seems that wsgiref, that is actually included in python, can "convert"
my apps to work with a standard CGI interface (in other words, working with
EVERY server that supports CGI not only with apache and his dedicated mod).
Can you confirm this?

Do you have any idea i should use mod_wsgi instead of wsgiref + mod_cgi?



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