[Tutor] Use ZODB or Durus to store Python-objects?

Karjer Jdfjdf karper12345 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 8 15:00:50 CET 2010

I'm using pickle more often in my programs and now I store them as files.

I want to store them in ZODB or Durus to prevent losing sight of where I store what pickled object.

Which one is the best one to use? 
I've never worked with either one, so I would like to have some opinions. I want to achieve the following:

* synchronisation of (ZODB/Durus) data on multiple servers (ie with rsync) to prevent data-loss
* which is the most easy to use (for a python-starter)?
* which is the most stabile to use?
* performance with large datasets?
* is it possible to synchronize changes done on objects (ie dictionaries) by multiple client-processes?

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