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Jeff Johnson jeff at dcsoftware.com
Tue Mar 9 03:13:25 CET 2010

Wayne Werner wrote:
> As I was reading my favorite webcomics, Abstruse Goose 
> <http://abstrusegoose.com/249> had a link to this interesting site about 
> programming in 21 days (or not).
> http://norvig.com/21-days.html
> I thought it was rather interesting
> (and it also recommends Python ;)
> enjoy,
> -Wayne
I have been programming for at over 30 years in many languages.  When I 
  wanted to learn Python I saw such books.  The problem is that you 
can't learn a language "well" in 21 days; and it's even more difficult 
if you are not already a programmer in some language.  For the novice 
programmers on this list I (me) would expect to become proficient in 
Python in about one year.  Like I said, I have been programming for over 
30 years in RPG, COBOL, Basic, FoxPro mainly.  So keep at it and don't 
expect to be an expert in 21 days.  Having said that, the 21 day 
tutorials have great merit and can help you.



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jeff at dcsoftware.com
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