[Tutor] Macbook Pro+python programming

Brett Wunderlich brettlea at mac.com
Tue Mar 9 20:09:20 CET 2010

On Mar 9, 2010, at 12:35 PM, tutor-request at python.org wrote:

> Does anybody know any good python emulator that would work perfectly with
> Mac OSX Leopard?
> Because I just got a brand new Mac (the one on apple store) and it seems
> that the build in Python 2.6.1 from darwin is garbage I'm running a 2,88 ghz
> dual core and each time I open terminal, then type idle and try to use IDLE
> the screen freezes (something you would never expect with a computer with my
> specs) and I must force quit the application to be able to continue using my
> computer.

Python (and idle) on your MacBook Pro should work just fine. If it does not, you should work on fixing that, as the Mac OS uses Python for various things in the background, especially for installations. I would suggest using Disk Utility (in the /Applications/Utilities folder) to do a "Verify Disk". If it finds problems, you'll need to boot the MacBook Pro from your install disk and use Disk Utility to do a "Repair Disk". If no problems are found then I would start with an Archive and Install of the operating system. As always, before doing anything like the above, have a complete backup of any important data.

http://discussions.apple.com is a great place to go for advice on any of the above.

Best of luck.

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