[Tutor] Running a dos program with python

Randy Raymond randyeraymond at mchsi.com
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I use wxPython, which allows a statement like:

        wx.Execute('c:\shake91.exe "FLAC.txt" "a.txt" "b.txt"')

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Hello all,


This is my first post to the Tutor at python.org mailing list. I am in the process of switching from Matlab to Python and there is one task that I am having a hard time doing and cannot find the answer on the web. I want to write a script in python that will open up a windows dos program, send three inputs (file names) into program and then run it. I know one way to open up the dos program with os.system(r"c:\shake91.txt") but cannot do the rest.


Use the subprocess module:



untested, but should work:


subprocess.Popen([r'c:\shake91.txt', 'param1', 'paramN-1', 'paramN'])


if you want to communicate with the process you can add , stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stdin=subprocess.PIPE) to the function call.


Check the docs for more info.






It kindof works. I wrote 


subprocess.Popen([r'c:\shake91.exe', 'FLAC.txt', 'a.txt', 'b.txt'])


The dos program pops up and if I hit the enter key three times then it runs. How can I add these three "enters" into the script? 






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