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> Just introducing myself to say hi........Hi!

Hi welcome, but please don't include lots of attachments. 
It blows up people's mailboxes and bandwidth allowances.
Better to post them on a website and send a link.

> I'm very new to programming, ...
> place to start I found out that python and C++ are the usual 
> starting place 

Actually there are many: VisualBasic, Lisp/Scheme and Java 
are all common starting points too. And each has its own 
merits depending on what you want to do.

> but when I found out that civilisation and eve are programmed 
> using python (my favorite type of games), that helped make the 
> decision. 

As good a reason as any! :-)

> My first aim is to get comfortable with python and move on 
> to C++ (apparently python is slow ?!?). 

It is all relative. If you want to write fast moving graphics etc 
then yes, you probably need C++. For anything else you might 
find Python is fast enough.

> The problem i'm having with this is with the platform. 
> I want the ball to fall if it goes off the edge but be able to 
> jump when on the platform. it either will fall off the edge 
> but won't jump or it will jump but it won't fall. 
> I don't want to change the way the controls are worked 
> (with the true/ false).

test.py is the one file that didn't show up (at least for me)
Lots of "demos" but no test.py.

It is probably best if you can create the simplest possible
example that shows the problem rather than expecting folks 
to read through half a dozen fairly big files and try to guess 
what the design looks like etc. (That may have beeen 
what test.py was!)

Try to send some specific code that causes a problem, 
or at least that you think is causing the problem. 
Plus any error messages. It would help to tell us 
which OS and Python version you are using too.


Alan Gauld
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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