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laura castañeda laura_casta21 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 22 23:31:58 CET 2010

Hi my name is Laura and im currently trying to solve one of the
challenges in the book: "Python Programming, second edition" by Michael
Dawson... I'm stuck in the 5 chapter because of this challenge, im the
kinda person who dont give up so i have to solve this challenge or else
i cant move on its just getting really frustrating and i was wondering
if u can help me with it. Right now im trying to teach my self
programming and i found the book really useful but this challenge is
messing with me haha well is the second challenge at the end of the 5
chapter i hope its not to much problem for u and i'd really appreciated if u help me.

The challenge: "Write a character creator program for a role-playing game. the player should be given a pool of 30 point to spend on four attributes: Strength, wisdom, health and                              Dexterity. The player should be able to spend points from the pool on any attribute and should also be able to take points from an attribute and put them back into                              the pool." 
Thank you so much and please please help me.. this is what im thinking to do so far maybe we can work with it

in the interface i want to print "Welcome to C.C."
so print character, be able to change the name, change the strength (something like Strength:___ would you like to add/sub [+/-]), change health, change wisdom, change dex, and points remaining...... and in the code i was thinking to start with a "while loop" .....this is what i have so far and honestly im stuck i dont now how to start please help me thank you.

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