[Tutor] Introduction to modelling with Python

AG computing.account at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 27 16:21:26 CET 2010

Hi List

I apologise in advance for the vagueness of this query, but I am looking 
for a decent modern introduction to modelling using Python.  
Specifically, I want something that is a good introduction (i.e. doesn't 
expect one to already be a maths/ statistics or a programming guru) and 
that has an ecology/ environmental science orientation.  The latter is 
desirable but not essential, as I suspect that once one understands the 
process of data abstraction and the other steps involved in modelling 
processes and scenarios, the thinking and skill sets are likely 
transferable.  However, if my assumption about this is incorrect, please 
let me know.

If anyone knows of any resource (book or on-line) with a Python bent, 
please let me know.  I am preparing to begin applications to Ph.D. 
programs and most of what I am interested in doing requires some 
knowledge of modelling and Python also seems to be widely accepted as a 
programming language, so I am happy with that as I am in the process of 
teaching myself Python anyway.

Thanks for any help, advice, etc.



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