[Tutor] Introduction to modelling with Python

Eike Welk eike.welk at gmx.net
Sun Mar 28 22:49:56 CEST 2010

On Sunday March 28 2010 19:37:41 AG wrote:
> Now that's looking very much along the lines of what I had in mind
> Eike.  Very pricey ... might have to sit on that one for a while and
> scout around for a used copy.  I can certainly use the on-line resource
> for as many pages as it allows one to access until I either find a
> cheaper version or perhaps win a lottery!!
Maybe you can get it as an inter library loan. Buying it is unnecessary; once 
you have some knowledge of the tools, you get everywhere you want with the 
online documentation and some questions in the relevant mailing lists. 

As an alternative you could try the online documentation at the Scipy website. 
Numpy and Scipy are the basic libraries for numerical computation with Python. 
The material at the website is not as good as the Langtangen book, and it 
covers far fewer different subjects, but it might be good enough to get you 

First read the "Getting Started" section. Then look at the "Cookbook" articles 
and study some that are relevant for you.   

Additionally subscribe to the Numpy/Scipy mailing lists. You could ask 
questions how to solve specific problems. The people there are usually very 

> But, yep, this looks like what I had in mind - so anything else like
> this would be good as well.

I'm very glad that I could be helpful. 


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